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Fitz park 1 Blog Ready

Yet more pictures from the past, again they’re not chronological.

Some artists may be quite apprehensive about showing passed paintings, but my thoughts are that these are as true as anything, slices of my mind. My technique may have improved in terms of capturing what I see, ( as much as that is possible ) but what I felt at the time hopefully comes through even if there’s some choices that I my not take now, weather for taste or technical reasons. One of my teachers Charles H Cecil used to say  “Progress doesn’t exist there’s only change” he was talking about human culture generally though I don’t completely agree, it’s not not true. Recently I’ve thought that some of my ideas from the past, that for the last couple of years I had written off as naive flutterings of youth, have come back to me as something, not sure what something yet but certainly ideas that have some form/kind of merit.

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Sorcha's pic Blog ready

Just looking through the passed 5-6 years of work that are stacked around my small studio. Lots of starts, ideas I didn’t pursue, but here’s the first selection of the pictures that came to something of a fruition. like the name of this post suggests, there’s no real theme here, just evidence of time spent.

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