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Miscellaneous 3

Yet more pictures from the past, again they’re not chronological. Some artists may be quite apprehensive about showing passed paintings, but my thoughts are that these are as true as anything, slices of my mind. My technique may have improved in terms of capturing what I see, ( as much as that is possible ) […]

Miscellaneous 2 ( the drawings )

Looking through the many portfolios leaning against various walls in the studio, I realised how many sketches I’ve done over the years. Many in charcoal though there’s a few pencils. Here’s a selection.


Just looking through the passed 5-6 years of work that are stacked around my small studio. Lots of starts, ideas I didn’t pursue, but here’s the first selection of the pictures that came to something of a fruition. like the name of this post suggests, there’s no real theme here, just evidence of time spent.

Love and relationships as a motif in painting.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lovely young couple. After asking them both to pose for charcoal sketches and spending some time with each of them separately, I had an idea for a larger picture; this also got me thinking about relationships and couples in painting.

Thoughts on painting mist, fog and atmospheric effects.

Last winter it seemed particularly dark, cold and rather depressing where I live in County Cork, southern Ireland. Given my rather melancholy mood, being someone who’s greatly influenced emotionally by the weather, my work turned to the effects and the affects I was experiencing.